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Our Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Reddy Charlton specialises in resolving large and complex high value disputes.  We understand the risks of litigation and the value of the resolution of disputes outside of court-based litigation.  Reddy Charlton provide practical and technical expertise to produce cost-effective, expeditious and creative solutions for our clients.

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Banking and Security

In these challenging times, lending institutions and borrowers alike recognise the importance of accurate legal advice in the provision and taking of security.

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Commercial Law

In your business you have a variety of relationships with third parties.  We can assist you in ensuring that the roles and responsibilities of each party are clearly defined in appropriate commercial contracts.

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Commercial Litigation

When you have a dispute, you need lawyers like Reddy Charlton with the experience, strategic thinking and resources to get you the result you want, efficiently and cost-effectively.  Our litigation team acts for a broad spectrum of clients from the corporate & financial sectors and individuals and in domestic and international litigation. We also help you to prevent disputes before they occur. 

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Company Secretarial

Failure to comply with the complex filing and other company secretarial requirements imposes an ever-increasing risk of substantial penalties and personal liability for company officers. 

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Compulsory Purchase Orders & Arbitrations

Where an acquiring authority compels the purchase of lands, the landowner is entitled to be compensated. This niche area of compulsory purchase compensation is highly complex and requires a blend of litigation and property skills.  Tom Marren, a senior partner of the firm, practised for half his career as a litigation lawyer and for the past 15 years has devoted himself to property transactions.

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Seasoned construction professionals know from bitter experience the importance of properly drafted contracts.  Reddy Charlton has advised clients in most aspects of the construction process including employers, contractors, consultants and investors.  We recognise that there are different perils and pitfalls attaching to each role.  So whether the project is large or small and whatever your role in it, we can advise and assist you to ensure your position is protected.

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Corporate Transactions

Despite the difficult economic times, Reddy Charlton’s corporate transaction department has never been busier!

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Reddy Charlton has a very active practice in professional disciplinary matters in relation to a range of areas including accountants, investment advisers, sports people, health professionals and teachers.

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Employment Law

We have considerable experience in advising on contentious and non-contentious employment law issues.

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In the current climate insolvency is a real concern for many companies and individuals.  Do not despair, there may be options available to you! However, it is important that you take advice sooner rather than later.  Reddy Charlton can advise you as to the options available to you and assist with implementing the chosen strategy.

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Intellectual Property / Information Technology

Creators and innovators understand how important it is to protect their ideas. From a blueprint for new technology to a work of art, realising the potential of your intellectual property can only be done when it is protected and exploited intelligently.  So, how will we work with you to maximise the value of your intellectual property?

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Investment in Ireland

Foreign businesses are an important part of Reddy Charlton’s practice.  Ireland’s exports are showing impressive growth and Ireland continues to be an attractive location for foreign direct investment.

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Landlord and Tenant

The economic downturn has led to radical changes in commercial leasing both for Landlords and Tenants. There have been significant changes in the law.   Because we have particular strength in the retail, office and hotel/pub sectors we are fully abreast of the practical implications for landlords and tenants.

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Liquor Licensing

The licensing code in this country is vast and complex dating from as far back as the 19th century.  So how can be help you to navigate the limits and obligations at the heart of your business?

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Private Client

Everyone needs top class legal advice in relation to their private life at some stage — buying or selling a house, making a will and an enduring power of attorney or planning the succession of a business or of family assets.

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One of the core areas of the practice is the acquisition of development land and designing schemes for the sale of houses, apartments and commercial developments.  The firm has enormous expertise in property and acts for a number of the leading developers, banks and insolvency practitioners.  The collapse of the market has given rise to many new and complex problems.  Experienced and adaptable lawyers are needed to come up with innovative solutions.

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Sport and Entertainment

Sport is big business!  In acting for a range of sporting organisations, including the largest sporting organisation in the country and the largest amateur sporting organisation in the world, Reddy Charlton has gained significant specialist knowledge in the commercial aspects of sport.

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