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Compulsory Purchase Orders & Arbitrations

Where an acquiring authority compels the purchase of lands, the landowner is entitled to be compensated. This niche area of compulsory purchase compensation is highly complex and requires a blend of litigation and property skills.  Tom Marren, a senior partner of the firm, practised for half his career as a litigation lawyer and for the past 15 years has devoted himself to property transactions. 

What we do

It is critically important to submit a complete and proper claim for compensation to the statutory authority and to understand the provisions of the statute under which the land is being acquired.  In certain instances, strict time limits are imposed for the submissions of claims for compensation.

We are fully familiar with this area of law and can assist a client in presenting a proper claim for compensation. We also advise on the strategies to deal with an acquiring authority which tries to shift the costs of the arbitration to the landowner by issuing  an unconditional offer. 

We frequently accept fees as awarded to the claimant by the State Property Arbitrator.  This ensures that the claimant can proceed with their claim without the worry of incurring significant legal costs.

What we have done for others

  • An arbitration hearing for the landowner with CIE involving the compulsory acquisition of land for a railway station.
  • Acted for a sporting organisation in relation to acquisition of part of their lands.
  • Where an acquiring authority sought to impose the risks of costs arising from an unconditional offer, we demonstrated that the offer did not meet the statutory requirements.

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