Our Services

Company Secretarial

Failure to comply with the complex filing and other company secretarial requirements imposes an ever-increasing risk of substantial penalties and personal liability for company officers.

We provide a diligent, attentive and personal service to you to ensure that you remain in compliance with your obligations.  

What we do

Reddy Charlton can assist you in respect of all of your company secretarial requirements from incorporation to voluntary winding up and everything in-between.  Set out below are details of the services we provide.

  • Annual Company Secretarial Services
  • Company incorporations
  • Group Re-Structures — Claiming Stamp Duty Exemption
  • Company Voluntary Strike off
  • Members Voluntary Liquidation
  • Share transactions
  • Amendments to the memorandum and articles of association

What we have done for others

We act for hundreds of companies providing services in support of the company secretary-

  • advising in relation to filing deadlines;
  • preparing Minutes and advising on the conduct of board and members meetings ;
  • acting as electronic filing agent;
  • preparing and filing the  appropriate returns including Annual Returns
  • liasing with the company auditors;
  • resolving Companies Registration Office queries;
  • maintaining and updating the Company's computerised Statutory Register; and
  • supplying Company Status Reports.

We incorporate new companies within 5 working days.

We have seen a large increase in recent years in the number of clients requiring re-structuring of their groups in a tax efficient way.  We have recently carried out such restructures for a major freight group and a health care service group and a large group involved in equine health.  

Where a company is no longer required, it must be dissolved either by liquidation or strike-off.  We provide a cost-effective and efficient service as liquidator in members’ voluntary winding-ups.

Contact us now to see how we can be of assistance to you.

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