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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Reddy Charlton specialises in resolving large and complex high value disputes.  We understand the risks of litigation and the value of the resolution of disputes outside of court-based litigation.  Reddy Charlton provide practical and technical expertise to produce cost-effective, expeditious and creative solutions for our clients.

What we do

Alternative dispute resolution is an integral part of our practise and we represent clients in the following:-

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration: Domestic and International
  • Expert determination
  • Negotiation

Recent Cases

  • We have acted in the highest profile Mediation in the country in a claim for adverse possession  - 'Charlton -v- Kenny'.
  • We have advised a large Irish company in a High Court action against a Semi-State body which went to mediation and culminated in successful resolution.
  • A series of international arbitrations governed by the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.
  • Disciplinary hearings for sporting and professional bodies governed by the rules of arbitration
  • Arbitrations arising from the compulsory purchase of lands.  We have acted for clients who have successfully pursued claims for compensation.

Our dedicated team comprises Tom Marren and Paul Keane.  

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